Compliance Certificate

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What is Compliance Certificate?

  • A Certificate of Compliance is a document which confirms that an organization fulfills a given set requirements.
  • It is a certification stating that an individual or company comply with given set of conditions.
  • Certificate of Compliance also called as Certificate of Conformity is provided to importers or exporters to represent that the goods or services provided by the company meet the required conditions of any given country.
  • The Compliance Certificate is usually required to be presented during the customs clearance of goods in several countries.

Why Do We Need Compliance Certification?

  • A lot of countries demands Certificate of Compliance as they are highly critical about the quality of the goods entering their country.
  • Customs authorities are very particular about these goods imported to their countries, so they ask for Certificate of Compliance to verify that these products are safe & secure and have on adverse effects on the people of their nation.
  • Many countries needs the Compliance Certifications while inspection of goods to ensure that the goods meet all international standards at the time of exportation itself.
  • The Shipments that comply with international standards are provided with a Certificate of Compliance.
  • The Certificate of Compliance is then shown to Customs authorities at the exported nation so that they can get cleared for importation.